Foundation Stage

In September 2016 our Foundation Stage will have 1 large class - Grasshoppers, who will be mixed up for their learning and having experiences such as phonics, maths, outdoor and child initiated learning in different parts of the unit. For registration only, our children will be split into 2 groups - Hoppers and Jumpers. 
The staff team in Foundation Stage will be led my Mrs Lee - Our Assistant Headteacher and Head of Foundation Stage. Mrs Lee is also one of our Inclusion Managers and will be leading in Foundation Stage with any Special Educational Needs, Safeguarding and also Pupil Premium support.
Mrs Lee will be supported by:
Miss Eve and Miss Dennison - Teachers
Mrs Grove and Mrs Coard  - Level 3 qualified Staff
Mrs Curtis, Mrs West, Mrs Peters, Mrs Hurley (1:1) and Mrs Macaulay (1:1)