Charles Darwin Class - Year 5

Wow! What an amazing start to the year we have had.

The children in Darwin and Farah Class have very quickly settled into the new adventure as they break new ground in becoming Ursula Taylor’s first ever Year 5 cohort. They are looking to take on the new responsibility and have shown great enthusiasm for all our activities and lessons thus far.

Well Being

During our well-being week, the children helped to decorate and bring a vibrancy to our new classrooms including creating a Summer Holiday #selfie display, a Mo Farah display and a new stained-glass window display, which is visible from the driveway and playground, and creates a beautiful addition to Darwin Classroom’s reflection corner. The children also conducted great research into Mo Farah and Charles Darwin, including producing cartoon depictions, well written biographies, information booklets and some fantastic artwork using charcoal.

Away from the classroom the children loved taking part in our first ever ‘Great Year 5 Bake Off’. In Farah Class the children made Somalian biscuits and in Darwin Class the children allowed their creative juices to flow by selecting their own ingredients in their recipes for cookies and muffins. Whilst one group went with the theory of ‘less is more’, the majority enjoyed ensuring that every ingredient was used to its maximum to help produce some interesting creations. The children have also enjoyed a variety of sporting activities including a rounders and football afternoon, and archery.

The children concluded well-being week with a thoroughly enjoyable day out at Clapham Park. This included several group based activities, from football and rounders to obstacle races and gym sessions followed by a picnic lunch in the sun.

The hard work starts

The children have now begun to get their teeth into the Year 5 curriculum. In Maths, Year 5 have begun using White Rose Hub as a new basis for our work, providing a greater emphasis on not only the fluency of skills, but the reasoning and problem solving of these. Both classes have spent a couple weeks working on place value, reaching up to million numbers and beyond, including ordering and rounding, and are now practising their roman numeral skills and negative numbers before progressing our calculation skills over the coming weeks.

In English, the children have spent a week using The Jungle Book to focus on speech work, and we are now expanding our knowledge and understanding of Ancient Greece by producing reports. Technical and grammatical skills such as fronted adverbials and relative clauses are being examined and used to improve our reports.

In Science, the children have conducted two investigations and experiments into the properties of materials for the purpose of food preparation and transportation. In RE the children have begun exploring the idea of inspirational figures, looking at common themes and characteristics which these individuals possess, how we can relate this to religious figures and apply them in our own lives.

It has been a wonderful start to the year, and with three more weeks before half term, new clubs and events upcoming, the two classes and teachers are super excited and enthusiastic to continue this brilliant new adventure (and find out what happens to Elliot and Virgo in Darwin Class reader “Who let the Gods out?” and continue to enjoy Farah’s World’s Worst Children books).


Looking ahead

Spring Term

Topic Title – ‘Out of This World’ and ‘Poles Apart’

Out of This World- throughout this topic, we will focus on discovering the wonders of the Solar System, look at the history of space travel and develop our knowledge of constellations.

Poles Apart- Antarctica and The Artic will be our focus for this topic. We will make comparisons between the two poles, discover the incredible stories of explorers such as Ernest Shackleton and learn about the climate and weather within these regions.

Summer Term

Topic Title – The Battle for Britain

Our focus during this topic will be to delve into the lives of Saxons and Vikings, by learning about their daily life, trade, food and much more. We will also learn about their many battles during this time and will design shields and armour fit for a Viking warrior!


Useful Websites

The following websites contain useful information and games for different subjects across the curriculum.


Mr Roderick and Miss Harber