David Attenborough Class - Year 3

Topics for the year


Autumn Term: Who’s the Mummy?


The Autumn Term has a historical focus of Ancient Egypt. The children will be exploring the location of Egypt, comparing it with the UK. We will also be learning about the daily life of the Ancient Egyptians, discovering how they wrote messages, used a shaduff system to collect water and how they built the pyramids. The children will also enjoy discovering how the mummification process happened and why this was important to Ancient Egyptian culture.



Spring Term: River deep, Mountain high


The Spring Term sees more of a geographical focus, looking at rivers, coasts and mountains. The children will become familiar with how to use an eight point compass, using this to notice landmarks during trips in the local area. We will be looking at examples of different pieces of artwork including waterways, using what we learn to create our own pieces of artwork of the local river. We will also be looking at the life of John Bunyan this term and his connections to areas in Bedfordshire. This term will hopefully conclude with a trip to the seaside to enable us to complete a fieldwork project at the coast.    



Summer Term: Yabba Dabba Do!


The Summer Term will mainly be focusing upon the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will be using this as an opportunity to look at how rocks and fossils are formed, and how we can use these as evidence for different time periods. As part of this we will learn about earthquakes and volcanoes, understanding how they are formed/happen and how these can impact upon the environment. We will get the opportunity to make clay pots, weave paper and look at cave paintings, learning different pictographs to include within these.  


19th October 2017

 Today in Attenborough Class we were learning about Diwali, discovering how and why Hindu’s celebrate this festival. As a class we read the story of Rama and Sita, which helped us to understand why Diva lamps were lit during Diwali.


With the help of Rishi we discovered more about how Hindu’s celebrated at home. As part of this, the children wanted to create their own rangoli patterns to decorate the area outside the classroom. As you can see from the pictures they did a great job! 

Wellbeing weeks


As a class we had great fun during the Wellbeing Weeks!


We began our time back at school discussing who we were going to be as a class, and what we value as important to create our class rules. After a morning of learning about Growth Mindset, we decided that we are going to have the ‘Batman’ attitude this year; put 100% effort into everything we do, seeing mistakes as challenges to overcome and enjoying our successes.


The class decided that it was important to discover more about David Attenborough. After watching one of his documentaries we were inspired to complete a research project about our favourite animals. We found out facts using internet search engines, used a variety of materials to create artwork inspired by our favourite animals and made models of our animals out of clay. The clay animals will be on display at parents evening for you all to see.


Attenborough class are always eager to cook, and we had the opportunity to make some rather tasty chocolate chip cookies. Everyone in the class enjoyed them so much, to the teacher’s disappointment there were not many spares for the staffroom. We were looking forward to have a campfire, to enjoy toasted marshmallows, unfortunately the weather had other plans, meaning that the campfire has been postponed for now.


A brilliant start to a very exciting year ahead!

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