Ellie Simmonds Class - Year 1

Simmonds Class Well-Being Time


We had a busy start to Year 1 as the Autumn term got underway. It was lovely getting to know your children during our well-being week and we enjoyed looking at all the exciting places their trainers had taken them over the summer holidays.

The children were introduced to Teddy who showed the children where his trainers had taken him by bringing different things each day in his rucksack. The children were very excited to see what his rucksack held and then did different activities related to this.

The children made sock puppets and a theatre, leaf men and women, drew shells, designed their own lego characters and did potato printing, to name but a few. They also had to look after a jelly baby for the day and ate croissants!

During the year the main theme will be ‘Where Our Trainers Take Us’ and each term we will be focusing on this in different ways. This term we are thinking about in the dark,   the children have been exploring the book ‘The Owl Who was afraid of the Dark’ in Literacy. 

The children have begun to look at a lady called Mary Anning who discovered the first dinosaur skeleton –  an Ichthyosaur. Teddy even brought in a real fossil in his rucksack to show them!

In Science the children placed seeds into the dark soil and eagerly waited for their seeds to grow shoots. In Maths, the children have been counting objects and learning about addition and subtraction. 


There is so much more to come! Updates to follow!