Extra Curricular Clubs 2017 2018

We have developed a programme of clubs and extra- curricular opportunities for all children at Ursula Taylor. We have tried to ensure that there is a good range of clubs, which cater for a wide variety of interests. A large proportion of the clubs are free and run by staff and take place either before school, at lunchtimes of after school. 
We also offer clubs run by people from outside of school, Premier Sports, SSG or Bedford Ladies Football Club. These clubs are offered through out the year and are paid for by parents. 
As a school we receive a pot of 'Sports Funding' from the Government which is to be used to widen opportunities for children and to also encourage more young people to take up sports. A breakdown of our Sports Funding and how we have used this is available in the information section of our website.  http://ursulataylor.eschools.co.uk/website/sports_funding/7594 
As an inclusive school, we would like all children to have the opportunity to attend clubs both in school and after school, sometimes we target specific children to make sure they have had a chance to attend. We also like to see how popular a club is and then if over subscribed, we offer a second block of the same club or try to double up with staff to allow more children to attend.
The document below details our clubs for the Autumn Term 2017 and then a basis plan for Spring and Summer. These terms will be updated once dates / times and staffing has been finalised.