Tim Peake Class Foundation Stage

Tim Peake Class Foundation Stage 


The children have had an exciting start to the school year with a fantastic couple weeks of well-being. The children settled in incredibly well and adopted the school values and routines with a breeze!

They are all very excited and engaged to learn and they are following the footsteps of the great Astronaut Tim Peake as we have begun our astronaut training to the moon, a giant 66 million steps! 

We have been exploring the story and song of Pete the Cat who loves to rock in his school shoes; we even did some rocking outside by dancing in paint! The children are also enjoying our 6 legged VIP guests as they learn to care and look after stick insects.

We also had a special visit from a real Scientist teaching us all about germs and how important it is to wash our hands. 

The children also did a wonderful job as the morning cabaret during the Macmillan coffee morning, singing some beautiful songs whilst our guests enjoyed some delicious cakes and coffee.


Plans for the future

Wherever the children take us!


Useful websites

The children are loving the Pete the cat stories, put the ipad in the cupboard and pick up a book!