HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our children and families! We will see you all again on the 3rd January 2018! (2nd Jan is a Training Day)
Well-Being at UTPS
At the start of each school year we devote a week of our curriculum time to settling our children back into school life and starting to build relationships with the children in our new classes. This time is precious and very valuable to children, staff and parents alike. 
The summer holidays can feel like a very long time and often children are hesitant about coming back into school after so long at home. This time allows children to get used to new routines and structures, spend time with their friends and also get to know their teachers and support staff. 
This time is so very important for teachers to get to know your children. We have a large number of children who experience challenging circumstances and it is essential that staff get to know children and can spot when they are having a tough time. This well-being time allows staff a chance to chat to children, play games with them and also use the time for children to set the agenda and choose something they would like to do. 
Once this first period of well-being is over, we move into the more formal lessons where the children are working towards new skills and goals throughout the year.
We feel that well-being is not something that can simply accomplished during the first week of the school year, so to extend this, we use the last hour on a Friday afternoon as 'well-being time'. This is time when staff can play with children, hear them read, share ideas or simply connect with our children outside of the academic pressures of day to day school life. Through these times we are able to identify children who need some extra support, whose well-being is low or children who are struggling to involve themselves in learning or school life. 
When we have identified a child for additional support, we speak to parents and family members, to see if there is any reason for low well-being. This can often lead to children, staff and parents working together to increase a child's self worth. Sometime we refer a child to our nurture group - 'Sidney Club', after school activities, after school club, lunchtime clubs or 'talk time' with experienced members of staff. 
If you are concerned about the well-being of your child, please do pop in to see your child's class teacher to share your concerns. Our staff are always willing to listen and support where they can. 
The photo album below, shows some of the many activities and experiences the children had during the 2017 Well- being week. 

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