Safer Internet Day 2018
February 6th 2018 is Safer Internet Day and throughout the week we will be having lessons and sessions aimed at promoting safe use of the Internet. 
We live in a time when the internet, social media and apps are commonplace and used by many people. We need to ensure that our children are able to access age appropriate experiences but in a way which safeguards them from harm or being exposed to inappropriate or unacceptable things.
Children need to be taught how to access websites, chat based games etc, and use them responsibly. Children also need to be able to identify when something happens which is concerning and be confident to share their worries with an adult. 
At Ursula Taylor we will be using materials from the 'UK Safer Internet  Centre'. 
This site has information for children, parents, staff and families which is very useful to share with your children to support their safe use of the Internet.  

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