Remote Learning at Ursula Taylor C of E School
Our remote learning offer features a mixture of online recorded lessons from a number of sources and sessions organised by the staff of Ursula Taylor. 
Our staff have been operating a Home learning timetable throughout the Autumn Term to ensure that we immediately cater for any children whom were required to isolate and therefore miss school.
We have continued the timetable based approach and have improved and extended our offer by running two zoom sessions a day for each Year group. These zoom sessions are incredibly important and keep us in touch with our children and families while having the opportunity to have some live teaching and learning. 
We use Class Dojo as our platform for sharing work, keeling in touch, whole school and class communication and as a portfolio for children to upload their work for feedback and encouragement.
We are also ensuring that we have some whole school time together, by streaming our Collective Worship sessions within school and to children and families at home. This is a special and important part of our week which we all enjoy hugely. 
The DfE require all schools to have a Remote Learning Strategy document  on the website by 25th January 2021. Our strategy is here and can be viewed by clicking on the link.


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