COVID - 19 UPDATE 13.4.2020
The guidance about who qualifies as a key worker has finally been released.
At Ursula Taylor we are intending to be open to support the children of Key Workers. 
If you are a key worker I urge you to think about the following statements please.
  • Many parents working in key worker roles may be able to ensure their child is kept at home. Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.
  • If 1 parent is a key worker, and another parent is able to care for the child/ren it is expected that this will happen.
  • Children can access childcare through a school provider ONLY if at least 1 parent is a key worker and it is essential and there are no other options available.
PLEASE consider this very carefully, if you can look after your children at home they should NOT be in school. School will be operating on the principle of being a child care provider. There will only be skeleton staff to protect and care for the children. Lessons will not be taking place in the usual way.
Opening Hours will  8:30 am to 4pm. (This will be reviewed regularly depending on needs of parents)
Breakfast Club and After School Club will be open every day, at no cost to parents. If you have credit on the system, this will be carried over until the time when the school reopens officially. This is when fees will be reinstated.
On Monday children WILL need to bring a packed lunch - we will let you know if this changes. We are unclear as yet to the situation with the school kitchen and hot meals. 
The School WILL be open from 8:30 - 4pm during the Easter Holidays for those that need it. This will also be free of charge and will be manned by a WONDERFUL band of staff volunteers.
THANK YOU for your support and patience at this challenging and confusing time. 
If you have questions, please ring the Office on 01234 359128  or email Miss Daley at  we will do our best to answer but still do not have all the information!
 Autumn Term Topics!
Foundation Stage 'Where our wellies take us'
Year 1 'Into the Wild'
Year 2 'Turrets, Tiaras and Treason'
Year 3 Ancient Egyptians
Year 4 Romans
Year 5 Ancient Greeks
Year 6 World War 2


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