Who's Who

  • Mrs Victoria Morrall

    Headteacher (Seconded)

  • Ms Kate Hall

    Interim Headteacher

  • Mrs Julie Garstang

    School Business Manager

  • Miss Debbie Daley

    Office Manager

  • Mrs Hannah Lee

    SENCo / Inclusion Lead

  • Mrs Chelsea Moore

    EYFS Leader

  • Mrs Kirstie Lane

    KS1Phase Leader / Y2 Teacher

  • Mrs Jo West

    LKS2 Leader / Y3 Teacher

  • Mrs Nic Christie-Lloyd

    Lead Senior Teacher / Y6 Teacher

  • Mrs Emma Llewellyn

    Senior Teacher/ Y4 Teacher

  • Mrs Laura Prudham

    Site Manager

  • Mr Callum Ghisi

    Lunchtime supervisor / Site team

  • Miss Nicky Harris

    Y1 Teacher

  • Mrs Tracey Williams

    EYFS Teacher

  • Miss Sian Church

    Y1 Teacher

  • Mrs Natalie Soroko

    Y1 Teacher

  • Miss Sam Wintle

    Y2 Teacher

  • Mrs Mikaela O'Leary

    Y2 Teacher

  • Miss Mollie Papper

    Y4 Teacher

  • Miss Katie Allen

    Y3 Teacher

  • Mrs Viki Shaw

    Y5 Teacher

  • Miss Kate Dennison

    Y5 Teacher

  • Mr Jacob Matthews

    Senior Teacher/Y6 Teacher

  • Mrs Jacky Owen

    Finance Assistant

  • Mrs Ali Moxon


  • Mr Gary Beacon


  • Ms Donna Parker

    Teaching Assistant / Cover Supervisor / Playleader

  • Mrs Paula Hurley

    EYFS Teaching Assistant / Cover Supervisor

  • Mrs Tracy Harte

    Out of School Care Manager / Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Joanne Wright

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Zoe Flemons

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Aga Witczak

    Teaching Assistant / Play Leader / Site Team

  • Miss Charlotte Burnage

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Anne Armstrong

    Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Susan Ghisi

    Teaching Assistant / Out of School Club leader/ Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Lindsey Holliss

    1:1 Teaching Assistant / Safeguarding lead TA

  • Mrs Mollie Vincent

    1:1 Teaching Assistant

  • Mr Ryan Gurney

    Lunchtime Supervisor/Intervention support

  • Mrs Debra West

    Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Beth Harte

    1:1 Teaching Assistant / Play Leader

  • Mrs Laura Prudham

    Site Manager / Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Helen Mercieri

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Gina Morgan

    Play Leader

  • Mrs Emma Wilson-Bourne

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Amani Hassan

    Lunchtime Supervisor