Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium and how we use it at Ursula Taylor.
Pupil Premium is a publicly funded grant that all schools receive from the DfE as part of their annual funding.
This grant is specifically aimed at supporting children who are deemed to be disadvantaged and who meet a set of criteria to access Free School Meals. 
At Ursula Taylor the vast majority of our Pupil Premium Funding is used to provide additional staffing to work directly with children in class. Teaching Assistants work with our Pupil Premium eligible children and also other children who we have deemed to be disadvantaged but may not meet the FSM set criteria. It is important to us all that as many children as possible benefit from the additional staffing and the support they provide for our children both academically and pastorally.
In addition to classroom support, we use the funding to provide a number of nurture opportunities:
  • Phoenix Club which supports children to develop resilience, learn to identify and manage their emotions and to develop skills to cope with challenging situations.
  • Build it club, is a practical, hands on opportunity to build and create and learn wood working skills alongside developing skills of teamwork, co-operation and having an opportunity to talk and share their emotions and feelings.   
  • Brick Club, is run by our Teaching Assistants and uses the structure of Lego Therapy to support children socially and emotionally and to develop their skills of communication and explanation.
The policy below details more specifically the aims we have as a school for the use of Pupil Premium and also where we draw our research and information for this from.  The Pupil Premium Strategy below develops this in more detail, explaining the types of research used to support the identification of barriers to learning and demonstrates how we use the funding we receive.