French (MfL)

 At Ursula Taylor we have chosen to teach French to children in Year 3 - 6 as their Modern Foreign Language.
We use a Scheme of Work from Classroom Secrets to support our children's understanding of spoken and written French, ensuring that we cover all aspects of the 2014 National Curriculum.
The Scheme of Work is progressive, it builds upon previous teaching through introducing new vocabulary in a structured, lesson by lesson way.
Each Unit is taught in each year group - for example: Unit 1 is a Cultural Unit, learning the following:
Year 3: Where is France? What are the major cities? What is Paris like?
Year 4: Where in the world speaks French?  All about other countries what speak French.
Year 5: French festivals. Christmas, Easter, Bastille Day, La Fete de Voisins.
Year 6: French History. France in WW1 and WW11. Bastille Day, Napoleonic War.
There are 15 Units in total:
1.) Cultural Unit
2.) Numbers and Alphabet / Numbers beyond 100 / French Maths
3.) All About Me / My Family and Me / My Family and Friends / My Community
4.) My Home
5.) Colours
6.) Animals
7.) Food
8.) Calendar
10.) Shopping
11.) Holidays and Celebrations
12.) My Town / Towns and Cities
13.) The Weather / The Weather and Seasons
14.) Sports / Sports and Hobbies
15.) School / School and the Future