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TT Rockstars
We subscribe to TT Rockstars to give children a fun, engaging and competitive experience, while all the time getting faster and more accurate with their Times Tables recall.
Can you beat your last score?
Can you rise through the ranks to achieve the status of Rock Superstar?
Will you be the fastest in your class? Year group? School? WORLD?!
Purple Mash!
At UTS we subscribe to Purple Mash to provide our children with a variety of opportunities to develop their skills of computing throughout the curriculum. There are many different activities, lessons and task to complete to support children's growing knowledge and understanding of technology and coding.
Log on to your account using your username and password through the link below.
Spelling Shed! 
Spellling is taught using the Spelling Shed scheme. This starts in the Summer term of Year 1 and progresses through to Year 6. The scheme has been created following key National Curriculum objectives and will take children through the statutory and non-statutory spelling lists in each age phase.
It is a whole-school scheme of work for spelling which gives 100% coverage of the National Curriculum including all statutory words and spelling rules. The scheme is broken up into a weekly progression with a Spelling Shed list for each week. Lessons teach the children about spelling rules, etymology (word origins) and word definitions. Phonics skills are also applied and consolidated to help children learn their spellings with fun activities. 
Your child will be given an individual Spelling Shed login in order to play fun  games which practise their weekly spelling list. Children can choose games at different levels of difficulty depending on their confidence. Teachers can monitor use at home and celebrate achievements. Please contact your class teacher if your do not know your child's login.
Spelling tests each week include dictations to help consolidate previous spellings and punctuation skills.