PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education)

Our Intent:
At Ursula Taylor C of E School, PSHE is at the core of what we do to enable our children to become independent, confident and successful members of society. The PSHE curriculum complements our principles of pastoral care and is integral to our inclusive and positive ethos. 
Our school vision 'Living God's Love, Together We Flourish' is enhanced by our nurture provision, the PSHE curriculum and the day to day care and support offered to all of our children and families. 
Through our whole school approach to PSHE, it is our belief that excellence in these areas will support our children to be in a positive place mentally, physically, socially and emotionally to thrive and as a result, learn more and know more as they move through our school. Our approach equips our children to be ready to move to the next phase of their education and to celebrate their successes but also tackle the challenges and ups and downs of life.
Our curriculum provides our children with relevant content, supported with a strong emphasis on emotional literacy, building resilience and nurturing mental and physical health. With an ever changing society, we are able to provide our children with a strong understanding of the diverse world around them in playing a positive role in contributing to the school and the wider community. 
Weaving throughout all of our curriculum is a commitment to enhancing and promoting our Christian and British Values. 
Our Implementation:
At Ursula Taylor we have chosen to use the Jigsaw PSHE Scheme to support our whole-school approach. Our curriculum is fully inclusive and ensures that all children can take a full part in the subject and benefit from the essential knowledge and skills. 
Through Jigsaw, we cover all of the required aspects of the National Curriculum, through an approach which builds social skills, grows emotional literacy, enables mental health, nurtures children's positive relationships with others and provides a consistent, progression based whole school approach.
Jigsaw provides opportunities for children to build skills, attitudes, self-esteem, resilience and confidence through a well-structured and week-by-week progressive process.
The PSHE Curriculum links to the pastoral and nurture work which we do in our nurture provision, Phoenix Club. This provision is in place to provide children with additional opportunities for improving their mental health, having a space and time to speak, build resilience and work through strategies to manage their emotional and self-regulate.  We also aim to support children more widely through 'Brick Club' (Lego Therapy) to develop their skills of communication, active listening and teamwork.
Jigsaw PSHE is based on a six 'Puzzles' which are designed to progress in sequence from the beginning of each academic year. As children move through the school, they revisit each puzzle at the same time as their peers in other year groups, building progressively on their learning and experiences from the previous year.
The Puzzles follow this sequence:
Term 1:  Being Me in My World
Term 2: Celebrating Difference (Including Anti-Bullying)
Term 3: Dreams and Goals
Term 4: Healthy Me
Term 5: Relationships
Term 6: Changing Me
The Impact of our provision:
At Ursula Taylor we aim to support all our children to understand the importance of PSHE, Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) and Christian and British Values and to use the knowledge, skills and experiences they have had to contribute positively to their lives whilst at Ursula Taylor and in the future as they move through life and within our communities. 
By teaching our children to stay safe and healthy, and by building self-esteem, resilience and empathy, our children have a deep understanding of other people's lives, cultures and heritage. 
We are proud of the PSHE and RSE work we do at Ursula Taylor, as evidenced through our happy, well-rounded children who are confident, tolerant and independent. The work we do, including the pastoral and nurture support gives all children the chance to thrive, be aspirational and flourish during their time at our school and as they move into the next stage of their educational journey. 
The children at Ursula Taylor demonstrate a superb attitude to their learning, they are engaged, enthusiastic and keen to learn, enjoying sharing with others what they have learned and how they have learned it. At Ursula Taylor, our children behave well, support each other and really live our Christian and British values. The culture and ethos at Ursula Taylor is one of kindness and love. This culture has been cultivated over a long time, with all elements of school life, including the PSHE curriculum contributing to this.
Our aim to is to always ensure that children feel safe, loved and valued and our programmed of PSHE, nurture and the wider pastoral support mechanisms allow our children to have aspirations and a knowledge that the world is their oyster and they can choose any path in life that they wish. 
Through our PSHE curriculum, our children leave at the end of Key Stage 2 with the tools they need to succeed, keep themselves safe and thrive.
We measure the impact of our PSHE, we have a range of strategies to monitor and review the quality of teaching and learning. This includes, looking at children's work, talking to children about what they have learned and remembered, working collaboratively with colleagues to ensure quality of delivery, adaptions to the lesson where needed and reviewing the provision to ensure it remains up to date and relevant to our children.