'Phoenix Club' Nurture Provision

At Ursula Taylor, we really understand the importance of our children's well-being and mental health and take a great deal of pride in supporting our children socially, emotionally and pastorally. 
We have nurture provision, Phoenix Club which children are nominated to attend, either by their parents or by adults whom work with them in school.
The provision is run by Mr Beacon, Mrs Moxon, Mrs Morrall  and Mrs Lee and offers children the opportunity to take part in 6 weeks worth of sessions. 
Mr Beacon runs 'Build It' Club and Mrs Moxon runs the 'Well-Being Club.
Children who attend these sessions, are supported to build confidence, develop their understanding about how to cope with change, increase resilience and to have time to share their ideas, feeling and emotions. 
Phoenix Club works in tandem with our in class Personal, Health, Social and Emotional (PHSE) support, drawing upon the Jigsaw Scheme of work covered within our curriculum provision. 
Phoenix Club is a partnership provision, working alongside our parents is very important and is a key element which enables a personalised approach to each session to meet the needs of each child who attends. 
We are able to provide a range of other nurture provisions to support children with their Social and Emotional Needs.
These include:
Brick Club - Lego Therapy.
Rupert the Therapy Dog who come with our wonderful friend Claire.
Zones of Regulation sessions, to equip children with the ability to identify and manage their emotions more effectively.
Time to Talk - time out for children who need some additional support and adult time.
English Additional Language support to equip children as quickly as possible with the ability to communicate and access learning.
Our well trained and dedicated Team of Teaching Assistants lead these provisions and work closely with Teachers and Parents to support children to the best of our ability.