Spring Term 2023

31st March 2023
During British Science Week, our children and staff had a wonderful time engaging with a wide range of activities, investigations and lessons to create a buzz around Science and encourage our children to ask questions, make predictions and test their ideas.
Across the school there were a wide range of lessons, drawing inspiration from the British Science Week 2023 theme of 'Connections'. This included:
  • Making moon dials
  • Creating plastic bottle barometers
  • Planting their pants!
  • Investigating sound travel and vibrations
  • Classifying insects and mammals - creating connections
  • Exploring fingerprints
  • Making lava maps and mixing liquids
  • Investigating ice and making it melt faster.
The learning that took place and the engagement of the children and staff was wonderful. Science at UT is a popular subject with children seeing themselves as Scientists, asking questions and being curious to find out more about the world we live in and how things work.
Through the use of great resources such as 'Explorify' https://explorify.uk/  we have given our children new experiences and stimulating questions to enrich their learning and build their curiosity.
At the end of our week, the children all took part in a mini-Science fair, with children spending time in each others class, looking at what had been achieved and hearing from each other about the interesting and fun things they had discovered during the week.
Thank you to Miss Dennison and Mrs West, our Science Leaders for setting up the week and making it such a success. 
In Upper Key Stage 2, our Year 5 and 6 children had an OAA - Outdoor Adventurous Activities day, with our local School Sports Partnership.
Our children had a wonderful day - lots of fun and laughter, mixed with great learning and development of new skills. They had to problem solve, work as a team, be effective communicators and listeners and make calculated decisions to work through problems. 
The children had a wonderful day, great exercise and physical activities - flexing their bodies and also their minds.
Many thanks to our SSCO team and also the staff at UT.
Part of our Sports Premium Funding is used to support the work of the SSCO in our school and provide access to a wide range of activities to enhance our curriculum.
We have also used our Sports Premium to buy resources and teaching tools to enable the delivery of a high quality orienteering unit of work, including lessons which are bespoke to our school site. 
Linking with their Curriculum Topic of 'Space', Year 5 went on an adventure to the National Space Centre in Leicester. They had a brilliant day looking at the exhibits, the space shuttle, inside the Planetarium and investigating facts and information about our wonderful Solar System.
All their wonderful learning has come back in to the classroom and has been enriching their Science and topic work ever since. A great day out Year 5!
Year 1, as part of their RE lessons, visited our local church, Clapham Church to see our vicar, Stephen. They were able to learn about all the different parts of the Church and find out from Stephen, about the history of our Church.
This visit linked so well to the Year 1 RE learning and their knowledge of the local are through History and Geography.
Our Year 6 children have had their training to be Sports Leaders and have a passed with flying colours!
They have had to complete training, led by our SSCO (School Sports Partnership), learning how to plan, organise, set up and deliver Sports and PE sessions to our younger children. Part of the training was about how to work with younger children to support them to improve their skills, teach new skills and encourage them to have a go at new things.
In the afternoon, the Year 6 children planned and set up activities for our Year 2 children. Their activities were really varied and interesting, they got all of our children moving and they demonstrated great skills of support, skill development and encouragement!  
Absolutely fantastic year 6! Superb role models for our younger children and excellent Sports Leaders!
Year 3 have been on a recent trip to Flag Fen near Peterborough to support their learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age in History. On the trip they were able to spend time in a reproduction Bronze Age Round House, tried out some hunting with spears, made pots out of clay, tried to use wattle and daub to build walls (Yuck!) and wowed their guide, Katie, with the amazing knowledge about Stone Age life!
This was a fantastic trip that brought elements of our History curriculum to life and engaged all of our children in different ways.